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Statistics and Mathematics


Psychology [top]

General [back] [top]

AmoebaWeb Resources in Psychology
Psychological Lists
The World Lecture Hall
Psyc Site: Software Sites

Memory [back] [top]

Memory models (Ian Neath)
Classics in the History of Psychology -- Ebbinghaus (1885)
University of South Florida Free Association Norms
MPI Web Celex  
The Memory Works
  (memory training)

Perception [back] [top]

Grand Illusions
Visual Illusions Gallery Visual Illusions 
Grab your glasses: collection of optical illusions 
Play Tricks on Your Eyes: Optical Illusions and More! 
Wacky Eye Glasses
Musée de la Perception et de la Cognition

Human Factors [back] [top]

HCI Index
ACM SIGCHI_ HCI-Sites (Links on Human-Computer Interaction)
Bad Human Factors Designs

Organisations and Institutes [back] [top]

American Psychological Society - Research Laboratories On-line
American Psychological Association PsychNET (SM)
American Psychological Society (APS)
European Society for Cognitive Psychology ESCOP

NVP Home Page (Netherlands Psychonomics Society)

Statistics and Mathematics [top]

Free Statistical Software
GAMS _ Guide to Available Mathematical Software

StatLib Index
Harvard MIT SPSS Tutorial
SPSS Tutorial
Statnotes: An Online Textbook, by G. David Garson (good, reasonably advanced)
A new view of statistics, by Will G. Hopkins (online textbook)
PRELIS and LISREL tutorial
LISREL (information + tutorial)
Power Calculator 
How To Use GPower (program for power analyses)
MINUIT (excellent program for parameter estimation)
Fortran resources
WATCOM free FORTRAN and C/C++ compiler